The Rapp Family Visit

We were blessed to have the Rapp family visit us this summer.

Here is a little recap of the trip in their words…

“On our fourth trip to Haiti, our family stayed at HCM for the first time. We were greeted with much hospitality and felt like part of a family the 10 days we were there. From building relationships with Haitians and Americans, helping out in the hospital, fixing houses and other odds and ends, to helping prepare food, the Rapp family was imensely blessed with the opportunity to be a part of HCM.

While we were there, we planned and taught a Vacation Bible School, where each day there were a different number of sweet Haitian kids, ranging from 150-230 children per day. Even in the chaos, it was a blessing and truly an amazing experience. We were greatly blessed by the staff at HCM, their willing hearts to serve, and their patience in times when there were up to 50 people at the mission.

Last but not least, our family loved visiting the Wholehearted Orphanage, and each of the children there now have a special place in our hearts. We look forward to coming back to Hait, and we look foward to seeing how God uses these ministries!

IMG_4642 IMG_4702


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